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My love for branding clothing and creating custom stationery goes way back to my childhood. I have even found cards that I created as a young girl with my own logo on the back!

The idea for ella*belle came about in 2009. I had traded my graphic design career for motherhood, but was still itching to express my creativity. My daughter's nickname "ella-belle" was the inspiration for a custom clothing line and stationery just for her. I started personalizing all of her clothes, and then started creating coordinated clothing gift baskets for friends and family. The positive feedback was enough to encourage me to start up a little business in my spare time. Years later, the word has spread and I have created dozens of unique designs. With my kids in school, I am able to devote myself to the business full-time and have made this my profession.

What is ella*belle? It is up to you! You can choose an existing design from my gallery, or request something more customized to reflect your child's unique interests. You can decide to purchase a gift basket, set, or buy pieces seperately. You choose the text and colors to put on the design. The process takes 1-2 weeks (depending on amount of customization). For more details about product options, see the Order page or contact me for more info.

Me + my ella*belle